NetSetGo is a mobile advertising company that is focused on changing the way advertising is managed on digital platforms. Our services are designed to help brands reach their marketing goals.

We have established direct partnerships with major media houses and clients to offer tailored solutions. Our network includes over 1300 publishers, DSP partners and identified trusted sources. Our extensive network allows us to offer premium inventory and maximum ROI for our clients.

Our team of experienced professionals

prides itself on the ability to provide custom solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our ROI-driven solutions are based on thorough market research and analysis, and they are designed to help publishers monetize their traffic while providing advertisers with a platform for growth. This mutually beneficial ecosystem is the foundation of our success.

Meet the team

Business Head
Abhishek Tiwary

Abhishek Tiwari is a seasoned professional with a rich tapestry of experiences across renowned ad networks, prominent agencies, and leading brands. With a track record of spearheading global business expansion and crafting innovative media strategies across diverse sectors such as e-commerce, B2B, D2C, retail, and gaming, Abhishek possesses a wealth of expertise.

Currently at the helm of NetSetGo Media, he is driven by a resolute vision to propel the company to the forefront of the industry. His focus on global outreach and fostering connections with brands and agencies worldwide underscores his commitment to making NetSetGo Media the premier choice for performance-driven brands.

Head of Operations
Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain boasts over 12 years of immersive experience within the performance advertising domain, marking him as a seasoned authority in his realm. His proficiency in operations and delivery endows him with a holistic comprehension of the advertising lifecycle, spanning from campaign inception to ultimate execution.

Renowned for his unmatched expertise in performance marketing, across platforms, Ankit remains abreast of the industry's latest trends, ensuring the provision of avant-garde strategies and methodologies to his clientele. Committed to perpetually enriching his knowledge repository, he consistently achieves stellar outcomes, be it in driving traffic, enhancing engagement, or amplifying conversions—Ankit's prowess consistently surpasses expectations.

Esteemed Partners